Role: God’s Banker – Roberto Calvi

Casting Calls in Montreal | Seeking Actor | Compensation: $ / | Apply by

We are looking for a white middle aged gentleman 50’s/60’s, preferably of Italian/Mediterranean/European origin with bald head and black hair at the sides. Will need to have a short moustache for the scene. Medium height and build preferred, but not essential. Please see the images.

This role requires a murder scene on a boat. The character will essentially be strangled with a rope. However it will be insinuated rather than gratuitously acted out, but there will some elements of physical acting including being lifted up off the floor by another actor.


As such there are no language or accent requirements, we are just trying to find someone with a similar look to the real life Roberto Calvi. Therefore if you know any friends or family who might fit the profile and would be interested in having a fun experience for which they would get paid (modestly), then please forward this on.

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Published September 22, 2022
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