SMASH HIT VIDEO- Student Web Series Project at VFS

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We are looking for non-union actors for a non-paid student production at Vancouver Film School. We will be shooting two episodes of a web-series on the weekends of March 30th- April 1st and April 6th to 8th, 2019. Actors will receive lunch, an IMDB credit and footage for their reel.

Logline Episode:
After inheriting a trove of classic films from their late grandfather, Stan and Mel open a video rental store out of their garage. They use their knowledge of films to therapeutically recommend films to people to help them with their problems in life. Customers love the store but unfortunately Doug, an experienced banker who doesn’t believe this is viable enough to deserve a loan. The Siblings are disheartened until a Movie star shows up at their front door and they hatch a plan to save the store.

Character Bios:
Stanley “Stan” Beaton (Male-25) – Lead
A naive young man who still possesses his childlike wonder and imagination while trying to find his place in the world. This gives him an advantage when talking with customers but gets in the way of him growing up. He idealizes his late grandfather and wants to follow in his footsteps. He also has a unique ability of prescribing movies to people as a form of therapy and is passionate about turning this skill into a real business.

Melinda “Mel” Beaton (Female-20) Lead
A film encyclopedia of a person, Mel had a strong connection with her late Grandfather through film. In being more mature and having a stronger grasp of their situation, Mel helps guide her brother when he leaps before thinking. She is very determined to someday do something big with her life. She also greatly enjoys cataloging and organizing.

Iman Salah (Late 40s/50s) – Principal
Iman is a Syrian refugee who was once a celebrated film star in her home country. Having fled due to the war, she now works humbly as a custodian in Vancouver. She often wistfully thinks of her home and past life, yet with a sense of trauma and pain. Iman has to negotiate between her warm nostalgia for her past, and all the pain surrounding her reasons for fleeing her country.

Doug De Gaulle (Male, 30)- Actor
A successful local entrepreneur who values his practical business knowledge over all else. He sees potential in Stan as a mentee but wants to guide him away from his whimsical daydreams and into the reality of running a business. Doug acts a source of antagonism between the siblings, tempting Stan into a life that veers from the path Stan and Mel have established.

Lloyd Helka (Male-20s)- Actor
Lloyd is a patron of the store and has recently gone through a troubling breakup that has left him questioning his inner worth and path in life. He hears about a intuitive guy who is able to prescribe movies for people seeking answers and looks to him for guidance on how to begin rebuilding the life he thought he had figured out.

Pam Dington (Female-20s)- Actor
Pam has an eccentric outer shell that hides a deeper depression within her. She has grown distant from her home and is seeking help in reconnecting. After getting a recommendation from Stan she has returned to the store to return her rental and to thank him. She is now more open with her emotions as the film she viewed taught her values of her own personal worth.

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Published September 22, 2022
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