Student Final Short Film – DARK MATTERS

Casting Calls in Vancouver | Seeking | Compensation: $ /31 | Apply by

Key Dates:
Auditions: Friday October 13 2017 [1 pm – 6 pm]
Call Backs: TBA
Shooting Starts/Ends: November 2017 (specific dates TBA)

Important Notes:
This production is student film, non-union, and strictly volunteer.
All cast members will receive a screen credit for their involvement.
Meals will be paid for by the production.
Submissions for auditions are open until 12 pm on Friday October 13 2017. We will fit you in as best as we can.

Sam (Lead)
Gender: Male
Age: 20 – 25
Lonesome, forlorn and melancholy. Sam lives a bland life in his apartment where he hides from the outside world. He suffers from an undiagnosed Depersonalization/De-realization Disorder that gets passed off as him just being in a depressive state. Music, art, whatever the latest celebrity gossip is or who won last night’s game isn’t a part of his life. He views the world as lifeless, colourless and artificial, all symptoms triggered by his lack of sleep, disorder and depression.

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Published September 22, 2022
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