The East Drive Incident

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Jessica Turner

Jessica was born 18 years ago as the second child in a rural low class family. Her father was a hardworking but alcoholic cheerful man, when he died a couple months after her fifth birthday of liver disease. Her mother was never able of get over it, and ended up in a series of short and terrible relationships, which caused the birth of three other children. Jessica was physically abused by some of those men. She has always been courageous and reckless, with a lust for life that was never satisfied in her small town. At 14 she decided to run away from home to the city, finding shelter with a group of homeless youth. She met Leo Harrison there. She tried to work a couple times at retail and supermarkets, but she never could deal with the schedules and long work hours. She used to spend most of her time exploring the city, smoking, and fooling around with Leo, until she got pregnant three months ago. Her lust for life has been in decline since she first met Leo, a product of his constant beatings, assaults, and psychological attacks. She is trying to get her life back on track, but her devotion to Leo makes it hard for her. She prays every night for her baby since she knew she was pregnant. Two weeks ago she had a discussion with him, and she threatened to leave; he ended that discussion by leaving her a black eye that still is there. She doesn’t love him anymore.

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Published September 22, 2022
Category: Latest

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