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theObjct Live Event

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TheObjct takes place in-person and on social media and focuses on objects. This focus brings meaning and something tangible and real to the scene of storytelling. Mix that in with belonging to an actual community and that’s theObjct. For 15 years, we’ve hosted Show and Tell parties for grownups - both for fun and as part of a campaign to promote literacy with the non-profit Artists for Literacy. Both shy people and professional entertainers alike have shared stories of profound truth or twisted humor. theObjct takes all that to the next level.
We’re creating a storytelling competition show that starts locally in clubs and cafes, then goes online and ends up on a broadcast show.

Project Type:  Event Status:  Non-Union Salary:  $0.00/ day Ethnicity:  Any Ethnicity
Sex:  Male Female Age:  all ages Role:  Entertainer City:  Los Angeles CA

Choose an object in your life that is connected to a story / an event / has a meaning
Practice telling that story in under 90-seconds
Video the story on your phone while holding the object. Do a selfie or get a friend to help - make sure we can see and hear you!
Text the video to 323-936-7103 or email it to [email protected] INCLUDE YOUR NAME and EMAIL (if texting) and PHONE (if emailing)
RSVP for the event. It’s free. 21 + ID required. The Study /Bar is an awesome space.
If you’ve been chosen to participate - we’ll call you. But bring your object anyway in case there is time for an open call.

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Company:  theObjct
Deadline: EXPIRED (875 days ago)

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