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After her daughter stole a necklace from a store, Simone decides to bring back objects she stole when she was younger to their owners.

— To schedule auditions, please, submit your resume and headshots to: [email protected]
(Shooting dates: 05/02/2018 – 05/07/2018 – Vancouver, BC)

Female, 30’s, Asian, African, or Latina. Simone is a single mother. She’s a domestic worker who believes that she doesn’t deserve any love. As a result, she pushes people away from her, including Maya, her daughter. She believes that her past faults define her future. She’s a very lawful, responsible and strict person who wants to be an example yet neglects her daughter by not being present for her. Indeed, she’s constantly working hard as if she was trying to punish herself for her past sins.

Female, 8 years old, Asian, African, Latina or Mixed Ethnicity. Maya is energetic, playful, intelligent, funny, provoking and cheeky. She craves for her mother’s attention. As she doesn’t know her father, her bond to her mom is really precious to her.

Male, 60’s, all ethnicities. Mr. Bernard used to be a hippie. He’s a musician. He’s energetic, intelligent, provoking with a good sense of humor. He’s light-hearted, open-minded.

Male, 30s, all ethnicities. He’s Simone’s old love interest. He had a one night stand with Simone when they were in high school, then he left the city and they never saw each other again.

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Published September 22, 2022
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