Two Episode Series Casting

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UNION: Student Film/Non-Union
PRODUCER: Cristian Palacios & Pam Cabrera Lechuga
DIRECTOR: Elsa Forsbach & Kaan Oztoprak
AUDITION LOCATION: Vancouver Film School
SHOOTING LOCATION: Greater Vancouver Area
CONTACT INFO: [email protected]

Friday September 14 1700 – 2000
Saturday September 15 1000 – 1830
Sunday September 16 1000 – 1830

Call Backs:
Friday September 21 Saturday September 22 Sunday September 23

Episode 1 Saturday September 29

Episode 2 Saturday October 06


Philippe (Lead)
Gender: Male
Age: 35
Clever, confident and sometimes overly egoistic. Philippe is a successful stockbroker who has made all the right moves, with all the right people, which has granted him his deserving rich and noble lifestyle. His ambition can be dangerous when paired with his charm and quick astute thinking. But even though he can come off as rude, deep down he is good person and wants to have the recognition and support from the people around him that he tries to impress. He does a good job at keeping himself well composed even when things go wrong, not wanting others to see him when he`s down. His character is largely influenced by what his motives and intentions are in that moment.

Jane (Primary)
Gender: Female
Age: 28
Compassionate, wise and independent. Jane works at the local Community Centre where she is well integrated into the community and its members. She is a sort of wise mother hen at the centre, offering her help to anyone in need and being more than understanding. She spends more time taking care of others than herself. Music or whatever the latest celebrity gossip is, isn’t a part of her busy life but she constantly shows that her heart is in the right place.

Bill (Primary)
Gender: Male
Age: 50
Bill is a serious man with a strong sense of integrity and seems to have a sixth sense when knowing right from wrong. He works overtime at the Community Centre along with Jane, because he secretly loves her, but doesn’t have the courage to go and tell her and possibly make things awkward. He can be a bit over jealous, a tad creepy and possessive when it comes to her. Philippe represents a threat to the Community Centre and a threat to his relationship with Jane, which is ultimately a threat to him. His world is going fine until Philippe, along with other problems at the Community Centre, are ruining it.

Natalie (Actor)
Gender: Female
Age: 26
Natalie, Philippe`s girlfriend, is classically beautiful. She is a woman who grew up in a poor family and has developed trust issues with people in her past. She can come off as frivolous and a bit too much but she`s a doll. She truly loves and trusts Philippe. From the outside it can sometimes come across that she is just with him for the money and lifestyle but emotionally, on the inside, it isn’t the case.

Sasha (Actor)
Gender: Male
Age: 45
In control. Powerful. Intimidating. Three traits that radiate strongly off his expensive refined suits when you look in his direction. Sasha, an Eastern European Mafia boss, loses money through Philippe`s bad investment choices and must now find another way to make up for it. The temperature of a room suddenly becomes colder when he walks in. He has the ability to make anyone feel tense and small. Sasha is tough, rough looking and comes off as if he can break bones with his words and the way he stares at you.

Ziggy (Actor)
Gender: Can be Male or Female
Age: 19
Ziggy wants to live a life carefree with nothing to worry about. She/He is the lowkey weed supplier at the Community Centre who can deliver it to who ever needs it. She/He is well integrated at the Centre and can hold a conversation with anyone. Ziggy has high ADHD he/she is spontaneous, an extrovert, indiscreet and has sort of a naïve childlike personality. Ziggy curiosity and eagerness to experience new things can lead her/him into trouble with the law. She/He always has her/his ears on the latest Community Centre gossip and talk, and always knows what’s going on.

Vlad (Actor)
Gender: Male
Age: 35
One of many of Sasha’s henchmen who seems to get the job done quickly. Tough and always looks as if he is ready for a fight.

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Published September 22, 2022
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