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This project is for a short (30 second) scene that will be incorporated into a short film. (Only posted to social media. No film festivals.) The scene is of a man & woman talking in a kitchen. There are no specifics on age/ethnicity. The only major thing will be the commitment to the scene emotionally.

There will be no pay for this job.

Shooting this scene will take minimal time. (Under 2 hours total)

Shoot date: TBD

Exposure with this project will be to advertising agencies, casting directors, production companies & directors.


This scene involves a pivotal moment in 2 people’s lives. The feeling is intense, highly emotional. The direction of the acting will be exactly the same as if it were this scenario, so for casting purposes… this will be the setup:

Clark Kent’s best friend is having coffee in Lois Lane’s kitchen. They have both come to the realization that Clark Kent is Superman. In the scene, we are a few minutes after Clark’s friend tells Lois that he’s Superman. The script is minimal, and it won’t be just the words, but how it’s interpreted…. All about the pauses. The inner dialogue. The gravity of the moment.

Lois has been crying. The weight of it all crashing down on her. She knew. She always knew… But now it’s real.

Lois: Superman?….. Clark Kent….. is Superman?

Man: Yea… it’s him. He’s Superman.

Lois. I just….. I just can’t believe it. (smiles. It sinks in.) Superman.

Man: Our Clark Kent. Wow. Superman…

They both are hit with the weight of it all. They each smile to themselves knowing that he will change the world and they will have a front seat to it all.

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Published September 22, 2022
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