Amongst Friends 45 minute Short film Casting

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We are filming a short film about 45 minutes in length this will be about a 10 day shot but spread out a bit. A group of friends have a dinner to catch up and find out more about each other they ever thought possible. We are looking to fill 6 roles.

Ethan: age 28, No specific ethnicity, a professor, sweet and romantic type, looking forward to starting a family with his wife Angela.

Seth: Age 30, No specific ethnicity, stay at home dad, comic relief, is at piece with his wife being the one who brings in the money. Not a part of the original friends group so can at times feel like an outsider.

Preston: Age 28, No specific ethnicity, works in photography, suffers in silence type and sarcastic, going through a divorce but hasn’t told his friends.

Ben: Age 28, No specific ethnicity, works in marketing, calm and collected, best friend is Ethan who he has known since birth.

Willow: Age 28 No specific ethnicity, works in pharmaceuticals, spunky and free willed, married to Seth with 2 kids at home she likes to have a good time and be with her friends.

Nickie: Age 26, No specific ethnicity, works as a temp, fringed and entitled, she thinks her husband Ben is hiding things from her and will stop at nothing to find out what.

We are offering deferred, as well as footage and meals. If you have any questions please include them in the body of your email with you initial submission.

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Published September 22, 2022
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