Casting Female 55+ years old for a Comedy Show

Casting Calls in Los Angeles | Seeking | Compensation: $ / | Apply by

Seeking specific role, if you or anyone fits the description below. Booking off self-tapes that are due tomorrow, Tuesday, Sept 18th @ 8PM PST.

Looking for actors, not real people. Obviously you still have to be yourself but still maintain a level of performance! Its for Omaze and it’s a fun video scene with a famous female comedian. Role description below.

Female. 55+ years and older. Performers of Ashkenazi/European Jewish descent. Opinionated, outspoken and comfortable talking about their lives, the female body, and women’s health issues.
Please see below for further instructions and details:

**Shoots in L.A. on Friday 9/21**
**Non-Union Project**
**Booking Straight from Tape**

Note: We aren’t able to disclose the name of the comedian opposite you in this scene, as it’s confidential. If booked, production will provide additional information.

1. Please slate your full name.
2. Please confirm you are available on FRIDAY 9/21 in Los Angeles.
3. Please record yourself answering the below questions (ideally the camera is not shaking and medium shot to close-up (from the chest and up), and avoid standing far from the camera (we want to see your facial expressions!!)

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Published September 22, 2022
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