Casting Lead Actors for a Short Film

Casting Calls in Los Angeles | Seeking Actor | Compensation: $ /Volunteer | Apply by Feb 4, 2024

This is a centennial college student short film opportunity.
The position is volunteer (unpaid).

Prod. dates: Feb 22-24, 2024. (Subject to Change)
Audition date: Feb 5th, 2024.


MAGNOLIA: Female, 25. Introverted to outsiders, extrovert with his only friend Richard. She is chill and relaxed. She makes a lot of facial expressions. She feels comfortable with herself.

RICHARD: Male, 25. Magnolia’s best friend. He is very relaxed, friendly, and supportive towards Magnolia. He is the kind of dude that is always relaxed and has good vibes.

VANESSA: Female, 25. She is a wannabe popular. She likes to ruin other people’s day. She is super sarcastic and mean. She has a bossy attitude.

Synopsis: Magnolia relies on a mysterious daily pill to keep herself safe from potential consequences. However, during a catastrophic day at school, she is forced to go without the pill, causing her controlled reality to shatter. Her mind starts to unravel, leading her on a difficult psychological journey where she must confront the blurred boundaries of her thoughts. As she makes progress, she discovers the dark and irreversible consequences of the truth behind the pill. Despite all the chaos, Magnolia finds herself and embraces her unique condition.

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Published February 3, 2024
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