House Made Of Stone

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A story of how the “Fantasy Life” we all dream of doesn’t guarantee happy ever after. Synopsis: Ethan has it all, Lisa, the pretty wife, the high paying job, the beautiful home and the sweet daughter, Lisa. But one day it’s all taken away from him and his on his own. Even after finding a new family with Daisy and Lily, a cloud still looms over him. Ethan has to find the courage in himself to get over life’s hurdles if he’s to find peace. Life is unfair, so it’s up to you to make the most of it.

Ethan (Lead): Male, 20-35
a compassionate loving newlywed to Ava; he is often spontaneous and adventurous eager to always spend time with Ava doing new things; he takes on being a father with enthusiasm, finding happiness in the happiness of his family; when life takes a turn for the worst he finds himself without a purpose; numb to the feelings he once felt and must find it in himself to keep moving forward.

Ava (Lead): Female, 20-35
A florist, she dresses like a flower; she loves spending her time outside and finds herself lost in the wonderful colors of nature; she is often uncomfortable around new things and prefers to stick with what’s familiar to her; there’s a place for everything in her world and everything is in its place; she is unhinged when things are ajar; Ethan is Ava’s muse and inspiration.

Daisy (Supporting): Female, 20-40
Ethan’s second wife; by Comparison Daisy is not much like Ava; she is driven, and passionate; when she sets her mind on a task she accomplishes it; she is aware of her attractiveness and uses it to get what she wants; a co-worker of Ethan, she’s had an interest in him for quite some time and after finding out he’s single, doesn’t waste a moment to make a move.

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Published September 22, 2022
Category: Latest

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