Table Read for Upcoming Project at Soundcheck Studios

Casting Calls in Los Angeles | Seeking Actor | Compensation: $ / | Apply by Jan 6, 2024
A casting call has been announced for an upcoming project at Soundcheck Studios. The table read will feature several key roles, including Jason Wynn, a young inheritor of the struggling studio, Bones, a loyal and talented collaborator, and Sammy, an IT guy and drummer. Interested applicants should email their submissions to by January 6, 2024, with no specified payrate or submission requirements. The project is based in Los Angeles.

– Jason Wynn (25 years old)
Role: Inherited Soundcheck from his uncle
Description: Born in 2000, lacks business acumen but has a deep love for music and production. Soundcheck is currently struggling under his management.

– Bones (50 years old) Possibly acted by Richrd Stephens
Role: Senior member, multi-talented collaborator
Description: Worked with Alex throughout his career, a versatile musician, and a studio guru. Loyal to Soundcheck, with a laid-back lifestyle. Has an intriguing past with a daughter from the early 2000s.

– Sammy (Styx) mid 20 something
Role: IT guy, drummer
Description: Known as Styx due to his poor spelling, he is in unrequited love with Tuesday. Essential to the tech side of Soundcheck.

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Published January 4, 2024
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