Casting FEMALE LEAD and EXTRAS for a Music Video ($500/D compensation)

Casting Calls in Vancouver | Seeking | Compensation: $ /32 | Apply by


Indian girl or girl with Indian style look, Black hair with light skin (Bollywood type) She is a Canadian born girl raised on a silver spoon, she has lots of money and is glamorous. Drives nice cars and wears expensive clothes.

Scene 1: tight jeans with rips & white tank top
Scene 2: tight white or black skirt low to the knees with jewelry around the neck and hands etc. strappy
Scene 3: Classy/sexy evening cocktail Red Dress or skirt with jewelry and shoes to match

Compensation: $300 half day, $500 Full day

Typical modern girl wearing the same kind of clothes standard club/chilling
stuff like jeans or skirts.

Compensation: $75 Half Day, $125 Full Day

[[ EXTRAS ]]
Girls and boys dressed in normal clubbing wear chilling in a Mansion house party environment.
Some maybe riding in a car with the main lead.

Compensation: $50 Half Day, $100 Full Day

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Published September 22, 2022
Category: Latest

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