Creature – Horror Student Short Film Casting

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Production title: CREATURE
Project Length: 5 minute short
Producer: Vancouver Film School class WR60
Format: In person/Tape
Compensation:IMDB credit
Location: 198 West Hastings (VFS Campus), room 602
Date: August 1st, 5pm-9pm

Creature is short horror script following three girls, Betty, Joana and Lucy, at a sleepover as they try to pass the time by telling scary stories. Things take a turn for the worst when Lucy, one of the girls, tells a story about a shapeshifting creature and the girls begin to wonder if one of them is a creature.

Contact: [email protected] with headshot/resume/reel

[LUCY] [FEMALE] [16]
Lucy throughout is telling a scary story to her friends, Betty and Joana, about a shapeshifting creature. Lucy soft spoken and a little off but in subtle and unsettling way. Throughout the script it is never made clear whether Lucy herself is a shapeshifter or if her story telling skills are just that engaging.
Betty is the moody type, sarcastic mean girl who is clearing bored and has no problem expressing that to her friends. Betty cares a lot about her reputation, puts on a brave front, however later during Lucy’s story something snaps in her that makes her have doubts about whether Lucy in front of her is even Lucy at all.
Joana is all for a good scary story, despite being a total scaredy cat. Joana is both kind hearted and naive, and simply trying to have a good time. Joana buys completely in Lucy’s story from beginning to end, in which she becomes hysterical in fear.

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Published September 22, 2022
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